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Welcome to the BovenIJ hospital

This part of the website contains a summary of the general information about our hospital. Not all information on our site has been translated. Dutch is the working language at the BovenIJ hospital.

The BovenIJ hospital is a general basic hospital located in Amsterdam-Noord. The BovenIJ hospital fulfils a central function for the residents of the area; but at the same time it has managed to acquire a solid position for itself in the city and its surroundings. This is because it possesses the best of two worlds: the small-scale character of a regional hospital and the modern facilities of a city. Patients are given a good deal of individual attention and are treated as individuals who are ill, rather than as numbers.

Telephone interpreting services

Patients who do not understand Dutch sufficiently can make use of a telephone interpreter. An interpreter in your native language will be requested through the interpreting agency. The interpreter will translate information for you and help you to gain a better understanding of the information. Telephone interpreting services in the hospital are free of charge. Sometimes you may have to wait for a little while as the interpreters are not always available straight away. If you wish to make use of the telephone interpreting services, please inform the outpatient clinic assistant or the ward nurse.

Care consultant for immigrants

A telephone interpreting service may sometimes be insufficient. For example, in situations when the message is far too intense or when the problems have not only arisen as a result of the language barrier but are also the result of cultural differences. If this applies to you, then a care consultant can be engaged. Three care consultants work at the BovenIJ hospital; they are available for patients with an Arabic or Turkish background.

Were you admitted to a hospital abroad? Let us know!

Please inform us if you have visited or were admitted to a hospital abroad within the past year. You may have become infected with the MRSA bacterium and we want to prevent these bacteria from spreading to our hospital. Even though you yourself may display absolutely no symptoms at all as a result of this bacterium, MRSA is dangerous for patients with decreased resistance as a result of their illness.

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