Information for visitors

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Information for visitors


Post for patients can be sent to the following address:

BovenIJ ziekenhuis
Patient name and department, room number if available
PO Box 37610
1030 BD Amsterdam


It is possible for patients to receive and send messages through their own webmail. In order to do so, they will need to hire an Internet facility. It is also possible to communicate through MSN. For further information, please contact the main reception desk.


All patients admitted to the hospital can ask the reception desk to provide a telephone connection. The patient will be informed of his/her telephone number once the connection has been made. We kindly request you not to use the telephone during the afternoon rest hours and after 22:00.

Mobile telephones not allowed

Investigations carried out by TNO have shown that even modern mobile phones can interfere with medical equipment. For this reason use of mobile phones in the hospital is limited. Use of mobile phones is allowed: on the central concourse on the ground floor, on the concourse on the first floor of the clinic (near the lifts) and on the concourse of the outpatient clinic on the ground floor (near the coffee machine).

Doctors in our hospital use a cordless telephone system. These are cordless telephones which use a certain wavelength through a base station. These phones do not interfere with our electronic equipment. Your mobile phone must be switched off in any other location.

Visitors during meal times

Our patients eat between 17:00 and 18:00. A hot meal is then served to them in their room. It is nice if they can enjoy this meal in peace and quiet. Please take this into account if you arrange with the ward nurse to visit outside of normal visiting hours. It will allow the patient to enjoy his/her meal at the right time and while it is still hot. Some patients need assistance to eat and would probably appreciate being helped by somebody they know. Please discuss this with nursing staff.

Help with choosing a meal

There is a set choice of hot meals and patients may select their meal daily by using the bed terminal above the bed. Patients who have difficulty operating the terminal will, of course, be helped by our assistants. As a visitor you may also help your relative or acquaintance with this. A meal for the next day can be chosen from 18:00 onwards. A selection can be made between various dishes and portion sizes.

Bringing in food

  • Bringing in food for patients is permitted. However, as the hospital complies with hygiene legislation, we kindly request you to take the following rules into consideration: 
  • Bringing in hot meals is permitted if these are consumed immediately. Hot meals or leftovers may not be stored in the refrigerator.
  • Food may only be stored in closed packaging in the refrigerator. Patients may use the refrigerator in the ward dayroom.
  • Food should be labelled with a sticker bearing the patient’s name, room number and the date the food was put in the refrigerator.
  • The nutrition assistant checks the contents of the refrigerator daily and reserves the right to remove food (if the use-by date has been exceeded, the food is off, if there is no date on the packaging, etc.)
  • Consuming food brought into the hospital is at the patient’s own risk. The hospital does not accept any liability for consequential damage.

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