If you are not satisfied

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If you are not satisfied

The BovenIJ hospital considers it to be important that clients and visitors feel satisfied. We therefore seek to provide the best possible treatment, care and guidance for you during your stay in our hospital. Nevertheless, you may feel that you have been treated incorrectly or unjustly. If you are not satisfied, please let us know so that we can look for a solution together with you. There are various ways of making your complaint known.

Discuss the complaint directly

The quickest way to eliminate the cause of your complaint is to discuss it with the care provider in question. You can also discuss your complaint with the manager of the department in question. You then discuss with each other how the problem can be resolved. Conversations of this kind often help to prevent further uncertainty. If you do not wish to take advantage of this opportunity or if you are not satisfied with the outcome of this conversation, you can discuss your complaint with a complaints mediator.

Complaints mediator

The complaints mediator will provide you with support, information and advice about the options for handling your complaint. For example, you can notify the complaints mediator of your complaint so that she will bring your complaint to the attention of those concerned.
If you would like the party/parties concerned to respond to your complaint and/or you are seeking a solution, you can ask the complaints mediator to mediate. The mediator can arrange a meeting between you and the party/parties concerned. If you so wish, the complaints mediator can be present as an impartial guide during this meeting.
Another option is that the complaints mediator informs the party/parties concerned of your complaint and asks them to respond. She will then inform you of the outcome. It is up to you to decide what mediation method suits you best.


You can reach the complaints mediator on by telephoning: 020 - 634 6335. You can make an appointment for a consultation or submit your complaint in writing. You can also use the complaints form (in Dutch) to be found on this website. The address is:

BovenIJ ziekenhuis
Att. Klachtenbemiddelaar
Postbus 37610
1030 BD Amsterdam.

We hope that your complaint will be resolved after having been discussed with the party/parties concerned or through the mediation of the complaints mediator. If this is not the case, or if you would like your complaint to be evaluated, you can then address the independent complaints committee.

Complaints committee

This committee will be appointed by management in order to handle your complaint. The committee will evaluate the legitimacy of your complaint. The committee is also able to make recommendations to management concerning measures to be taken. Your complaint will be assessed and handled within three months. The committee’s evaluation is not binding. The committee operates in accordance with a complaints code.

The complaints committee is made up of seven members. In order to ensure that your complaint will be handled as impartially as possible, the chairman and one other member are not associated with the hospital. Only complaints submitted in writing will be handled by the complaints committee.

You can send your letter to:

BovenIJ ziekenhuis
Att. De Klachtencommissie
Postbus 37610
1030 BD Amsterdam.


The complaints mediator and the members of the complaints committee have an obligation of secrecy. They need your prior consent to obtain access to your medical/nursing care details and to contact the party/parties concerned.


Upon being submitted to the complaints mediator or the complaints committee, your complaint will be registered. The details will be processed in a report anonymously. This report will be presented to the BovenIJ hospital management.
If you need further information about the complaints system, please contact 
the complaints mediator 020 - 634 6335
patient advice department 020 - 634 6126. 

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