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The BovenIJ hospital offers various facilities for making patient and visitor stays more pleasant.

Brasserij Restaurant

Next to the hospital entrance you will find the ‘BrasserIJ’, a restaurant for visitors. Here you can have a cup of coffee, tea or a soft drink and something to eat. There is also a shop selling various gifts, toiletries, magazines and books, chilled drinks, flowers and fruit. There are also fresh meals available, hot and cold. Hot meals are served on weekdays from 4:15 PM until 5:45 PM (not during holidays).

on weekdays: from 7:30 AM until 8:00 PM
at weekends and during holidays: from 11:30 AM until 7:00 PM .

Internet and wifi

At our hospital you have free internet access through the wifi network of KPN. To connect with KPN Hotspots within the BovenIJ hospital you need a mobile device with wifi. Logging in is done in the following way:

  • Set the wifi connection
  • Select 'KPN’ as your wireless network
  • Start the internet browser, the login page will automatically start
  • Follow the instructions on the login page.

For questions about using wifi via KPN Hotspots you can call the KPN helpdesk, phone 0800-0414 (free of charge)


Maybe you keep in touch with friends and family via Facebook, Twitter or a blog. Respect the privacy of your fellow patients, our employees and visitors. Do not place photos online without the consent of all concerned. Internet use may not cause inconvenience to other patients and visitors.

Lockable wardrobe

The rooms have lockers for storing valuables. To lock  the wardrobe, you need a two-euro coin. During your stay you carry the key to the warderobe in a wristband. On your departure you will receive the coin.


The following parking charges apply within the hospital grounds: the first half hour is free of charge; thereafter the charge is € 1,- per hour. The maximum charge is € 5,- per day.
There is a limited number of parking spaces for the disabled within the grounds. Disabled badge holders (originals, not copies) may park here free of charge. Badge holders should report to the main reception desk to obtain an exit card before leaving.

Charging electric cars

At the parking lot it is possible to charge your electric car. There are four parking spaces available. These places are not just for electric cars. In case of large crowds it can happen that these spaces are occupied.


The Sanctuary is situated on the ground floor. It is a place for peace, quietness, prayer, meditation. Everybody is most welcome there, at any time of the day. Further information about the sanctuary can be found under Stiltecentrum (in Dutch).


Smoking is anything but healthy. This not only applies to smokers, but also to non-smokers sharing a room with a smoker. For this reason the BovenIJ hospital is a non-smoking hospital. The use of tobacco products (including cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, etc.) and electronic cigarettes (e-cigar, e-pipe, Shisha-pen, etc.) is not allowed. Smoking is only allowed in  the smoking areas outside the hospital which are clearly marked by signs and pavement markings. In that area you can also find special smoking cabins.


There are no landline telephones near the hospital beds. Patients can use their own mobile phone inside the hospital. But there are some restrictions to the use of a mobile phone:

  • You can only call outside a 1.5 meter (5 feet) radius of medical equipment
  • Do not disturb other (sleeping) patients
  • Do not use your phone after 10 PM and turn of the sound after that time
  • Do not call during the examination or contact with a caregiver/doctor
  • Please ask visitors to only call in public places in the hospital so they don’t disturb other patients.

Television and radio

There is a bed terminal above each bed allowing patients easy access to television and radio. Patients have free access to more than 50 TV channels and over 15 radio channels. To listen to the radio or the sound of the TV, you’ll need a set of earphones. If there are no earphones next to the bed, you can obtain some at the reception desk. You can also bring your own headphones or headset.


Wheelchairs for moving around inside the hospital are available on the hospital concourse. You will need a € 2,- coin to use one. The coin is returned to you when the wheelchair is returned to the concourse.

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